Foodeeze Posted 09/11/2014

Using Foodeeze to deliver healthy eating lessons

Matthew Whittle teaches PE at a Bracknell Forest Primary School. He is effectively using Foodeeze cards and the online lesson plans and resources to deliver healthy eating lessons to KS1 children.

"I used Science Plan 1, adapted to the PE curriculum, to teach my class about ‘which foods help which parts of the body’ and ‘how will this affect your body weight and energy'. For a theory PE lesson, all of the children were engaged and thoroughly enjoyed playing Foodeeze and learning about food and the body.  They ended the lesson by randomly picking cards and asking each other ‘which parts of the body would an orange, for example, affect’. They gave some good answers and showed that they’d learnt a lot." 

"The great thing about the Foodeeze game is that the children don't realise they're learning something and consequently, made better food choices, both at school and outside." Find out more here.