Croydon Food Flagship Posted 01/01/2016

Croydon Whole School Food Policy Template

The vision for school food in Croydon is that all children and young people have access to high quality food and opt to make healthier food choices.  Pupils and staff will have an increased awareness of the importance of nutrition on their health and wellbeing and healthy food will be the easy choice for them, in and out of school. 

As part of the Food Flagship Programme, The Croydon School Food Plan brings together head teachers, caterers, staff, pupils and parents/carers to be actively involved in improving the food and food education in each school, and work towards meeting and exceeding the best practice recommendations of the School Food Plan.  Schools will act as a catalyst for change by instilling a love of healthy food across their local communities.

The main aims of the school food policy are:

  1. To provide a range of healthy food choices throughout the school day and in line with the mandatory School Food Standards
  2. To support pupils to make healthy food choices and be better prepared to learn and achieve
  3. To ensure a consistent approach to healthy eating across the school community including pupils, staff and parents/carers